Bath Bomb

Review: Lush Bath Bomb “Love Locket”


The bf surprised me with this bath bomb a few weeks ago along with some other goodies from lush. Simply put, it is the biggest bath bomb I’ve ever seen. You can either split it up into three parts to use separately, or find the biggest Jacuzzi tub you can, crack it open and throw the whole thing in. Naturally, we chose the second option.

Going our route was pure luxury.

The bath turned bright pink, but it didn’t leave any residue or stain our skin. The cloudy pink color covered up most of the dissolvable tiny hearts, but that wasn’t much of a loss, since they would occasionally bubble up. It added to the fun, confetti feel.

With that much bath bomb, the fragrance was strong, but surprisingly not overpowering. It was a softer, lighter scent than some of their other fragrances and it seems like they took the fact that people would be using varying amounts into account.

Most baths are great, so it’s nice when the aftermath doesn’t undo all that relaxation. I was worried about the heart pieces, but the ones that didn’t disintegrate during the bath swept up easily into a tissue after they dried.

Overall, this is a great product for limited time release, since it’s something special to enjoy rather than a staple for your bathroom.