Peter Thomas Roth

Review: Peter Thomas Roth Masque


I really wanted my next post to actually feature a makeup product, since that’s really the whole point of this blog. However, I fell in love with this Acne Treatment Masque and needed to share. It’s a 5-10 minute Therapeutic Sulfur Masque that I use to spot treat any bumps as soon as I notice them start to form.

My skin isn’t that bad. I get breakouts, but they’re usually small and isolated. That said, it’s frustrating covering any redness, but especially when you’re trying to make it match almost white skin. Why not make it easier on ourselves?


A lot of beauty bloggers rave about how they put a product on and their zit disappears overnight. I can’t help but think they’re exaggerating. Anything that can make your acne completely dried out will also dry out your skin, and my skin does not need that in the winter. This speeds the normal process along without making my skin rough or flaky. As a bonus, it gives me something to do whenever I get the urge to pop.

There isn’t much of a smell to it, but if you have a strong aversion to clay based products, you aren’t going to like it. It isn’t a chore to keep it on for the few minutes while it dries. Also, I love the texture of the product. It’s soft and squishy and delightful.

As for the price, I bought it for $42, which isn’t cheap. Given how much comes in a jar though (5 oz) it will take a really long time to use it all up. Cost per use is minute.